Where we are

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In the morning, sitting in front of a steaming cup of coffee and a slice of cake, you will have the opportunity to look around and choose how to spend your day. Right there in front of you, you can see the medieval village of Santa Margherita of Gruagno and, not for away, the castle of Udine.

On sunny days when it’s windy and you look south, you are tempted by the breeze and shimmering lagoon to explore the sits of Aquileia, Grado, Lignano, Trieste or Venice. Outside our gate, you can go by bicycle or by car along the road tha takes you to the “strada dei Castelli e Prosciutti”.

Going north you can admire the silent mountains of Carnia and the Oriental Dolomites with their little-known villages and paths suitable for everyone. Eastwards you can wander through the Collio hills where every street leads to a cellar with good wine. Once you have finished your cake and coffee, without haste, you can enjoy discovering all these amazing places or you can linger peacefully on our hill.