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Our extra virgin olive oil

“You grow an olive tree for your children and for future generations”

Not everyone knows that Friuli Venezia Giulia had, since the tenth century, a remarkable olive-growing tradition that culminated in the eighteenth century to be abandoned in favor of other crops from the nineteenth century. In recent decades the olive tree has reappeared in our territory, rewarding with its production the olive growers.

The extra virgin olive oil obtained in these fields is excellent, with distinct organoleptic characteristics. The varieties we have chosen are Bianchera and Gorgazzo, historical local varieties, softened by the presence of Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Maurino.

Our honey

Fascinated by the world of bees, we are taking first tentative steps in the honey production. Our honey is the sweet reward of the meeting of “thousand flowers” and “a buzzing concert”. It will be nice to taste together the various types of honey that Nature offers.

The fruits of the earth

Herman Hesse tended to his kitchen garden with great passion and every evening, before going to bed, he asked God for a new back!

What comes first: the vegetable garden or country life?

As husband and wife cannot live without each other, it’s an natural instinct to sow seeds, to take care of plants and to harvest. When the frost starts to leave the damp earth this seems to be there to ask for a seed to relive. Those who cultivate a vegetable garden know that the earth is low, sometimes cruel sometimes generous and yet it is a priceless ritual that drives you to plough, plant, earth up and fertilize: it is the concert that nature and man can compose together, a fruitful duet a hoe and rain sounds.

Donkeys fertilise the garden what could be more natural than this? Always looking for vintage old seeds, rare and forgotten plants. Every season follows the other with its colours and smells. Our vegetables contain no poisons and we pick them up fresh when we need them for our table. And so also for the fruit that guests can enjoy directly from the tree.