Our idea

Would you like to stay in our rooms? Send us an availability request.

In our opinion, hospitality means opening our home to guests, sharing our open spaces and enjoying evenings under the flowering pergolas or sitting in front of a warm fire.

We have also set up a furnished library and arranged quiet corners since we think that small talk, a good book and the song of crickets are wonderful and incomparable friends.

Breakfast are prepared with our own-grown products: our vegetable garden, bees, olive trees, fruit trees and our woods give us the opportunity to prepare genuine and delicious foods.

Smole, resistant local farmers supply us with the other products we need.

“We are seven billion people on Earth and each one of us has his own civil social and ecological responsibility”. We too have decided to take on our small part of responsibility, taking great care to respect nature. We chose to cultivate our land following the rules of organic agriculture since these follow the rules of common sense and respect.

Hence, we stop and think about what we scatter on the soil, from the manure to the water. When we clean we use ecological products, we use solar energy for hot water and our home is entirely heated with a stove run on the trees from our woods.

For the restrocturation of the house, built in the early 900 and seriously injured by the earthquake that struck Friuli in 1976, we chose to use natural materials and to respect the original type.