Our cuisine

Each day will offer our guests a menu dictated by the seasons. Nettles, campion, wild asparagus and other fresh herbs sticking to the first warm days of Spring enrich risotto, orzotti, creams and tasty omelettes.

May asparagus in white, produced in the area and renowned for their flavor, are transformed into pies, puddings, pancakes.

June gives plenty of peas and zucchini with their flowers, crispy fresh salads, which surround the chicken.

SUMMER dishes bursting with colors: the red of the tomato soup that with the proper oil house and a basil leaf becomes even more delicious, the purple of grilled eggplant, stuffed with Parmesan cheese, marinated in herbs, yellow sweet and sour peppers, stuffed, au gratin, orange melons hugged close to the finest ham S. Daniele.

All our garden is generously offers the pleasures of the palate. There will be a barbecue, delicious bruschetta, the irresistible zucchini patties, sausage typical of the area.

With the first cold AUTUMN we turns the fireplace and Alessandro prepares polenta on spolert that goes well with cheese , then the pumpkin becomes queen of the table and the new oil offers the best.

Paola likes to make bread at home as when using her pasta madre with long leavening that makes it fragrant and digestible. Finally the dessert never fails: as jam tarts, cheese cakes, apple pie and cream, chocolate fondue with fruit kebabs and other delicacies that will be hard to resist.

Our guests who require vegetarian or special diet are welcome and Paola will be pleased, whenever possible, to adapt the menu to their needs.

… La terra tutt’intorno
che matura contenta.
I lampi gialli delle cavolaie
fra le fragranti stecche della vigna.
Il profumo del pane,
come parola di re,
a ogni settimana…

R. Piumini “La Casa del tempo”